About Enjoy Life Education, Inc.

We empower teens and teams to become the best version of themselves. Founded by a team of award winning educators, mental strength coaches, entrepreneurs, and positive psychologists, we equip our students and athletes with the tools, mindset, and community to maximize their potential and to perform in life as confident, positive, and compassionate leaders to themselves and others.


Our life-changing summer Leadership Academy is indescribable, our virtual coaching is transformative, and our curriculum nourishes teens with a mindful advantage to succeed in life.


We are an educational nonprofit with a fierce drive to positively impact the world through teen empowerment.


We transform lives. The most incredible thing our students discover is themselves.



Students are learning how to achieve short-term academic success, instead of developing the necessary tools to lead full, thriving, and vision-driven lives.


Our programming, highlighted by our award winning summer Leadership Academy, intentionally and expertly cultivates the leadership, mindset, and SEL skills that empower teens to become successful with their life.


It has completely changed me.

Students and parents affirm that the Leadership Academy changes lives.

A Positive Community for Life

TEens Empowered since 2012

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I made so many lifelong friends and connections and these people

give me the courage to be myself every day.

2016 Leadership Academy Student

Our award-winning team has put in decades of practice and research into developing our SEL curriculum to empower teens to excel in life, not just on a test.