Leadership Academy

Premium success program for Empowering teen leaders.

The Tools to lead

Commonly referred to as "the best week of my life!", we empower teens with the methods and mindsets to be positive leaders within their groups, community, and most importantly, themselves.

The Curriculum to grow

Driven by research-based results, our curriculum provides teens with the skills and tools that are essential to leading a positive, resilient, and mindful life.

The community to thrive

When the Leadership Academy ends, the powerful new community of mentors and supportive peers kicks in.


You guys are teaching them not only about leading other people, but how to be happy with yourself. How to understand your circumstances. How to deal with those things and move forward.

Devin McCourty, New England Patriots

It was the best week of my life.

Student, 2018 Leadership Academy

2021 Leadership Academy

IT's ON!!!

Leadership Academy is a transformative program directed by award-winning educator, coach, and leadership education pioneer, Evren Gunduz Ed.M. and his all-star staff of Leadership Academy graduates and founders. Combining a high energy team-building model with a social emotional learning based curriculum, this life-changing experience teaches students the art of positive leadership and equips them with the tools, methods, and skills to lead themselves and empower others.

  • Location: UMass Amherst

  • Dates: July 12-16

  • Ages: open to all rising 10th-12th graders (graduation years: 2022, 2023, 2024)

    • This year we are also accepting those who will have just graduated from high school! (graduation year: 2021)

  • Tuition: $1,175

    • Tuition this year includes all of the typical freebies - shirts, bags, gear, room & board - as well as all the extensive health and safety measures we will be taking - arrival PCR COVID tests, 24/7 Registered Nurse on site, daily dorm sanitization, etc.

  • Number of students we accept: 56 (first come, first serve)

    • We value keeping the experience immersive and individualized so we don't over-crowd Leadership Academy​

  • 3:1 student to staff ratio

  • Cell phone & social media free

    • Teens spend the week working hard to create their most powerful identity that is free from comparison and cultivate an awareness and peace with where they are, who they are, and who they want to become. Social media decays this progress. Students are welcome to check in with their phones when they get back to their dorm room at night but many choose not to - they simply love the freedom of being able to be present.​

  • Cancellation Policy:

    • Up until June 25th - full refund minus the $100 deposit

    • June 25 up to 72 hours prior to day 1 of Leadership Academy - 50% refund

    • Within 72 hours of day 1 of Leadership Academy - No refund

  • Components:​

    • Leadership Academy is jam packed morning through night. But, that is what it takes to provide teens with a life-changing experience! This program is not for teens who want a recreational week. This is for teens who want to GROW. These are the daily components:

      • Full Classroom: Full-group sessions led by Evren. (SEL curriculum, demos, starred thoughts, guest speakers, etc.)

      • Squad Classroom: Small, 8-person group sessions led by an Enjoy Life Teacher. (personalized lessons & activities)

      • Squad Challenges: Hands-on, team-building activities that require putting our curriculum to the test. At the end of the week one squad will take home the title of "Squad Champion".

      • Stories of Resilience: Staff members share personal stories of experiencing adversity & growth.

      • Mindfulness/Reflection: Morning and nightly meditation & journaling sessions led by Tara, a certified yoga & mindfulness instructor.

Feel free to email Evren, our Founder & Director with all the question you may have. You can even text him to set up a phone chat if you prefer to have a brief convo!

email: evren@enjoylifeeducation.org

cell: (508) 887-1095