“It is a life changing experience that every teenager should have.”

Parent 2017


student return rate

83% of students return to the Leadership Academy for a second year.

Student Fulfillment

95% of students said they would

recommend the leadership academy to a friend.




empowered by our curriculum.


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of staff 

are graduates of the

Leadership Academy.


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2018 Student Growth in SEL Capacities

Student growth in sel capacities

positive identity: 87%

Internal sense of positive self-worth

contribution: 79%

Capacity to give energy to help

family & community

social skills: 93%

Ability to take others' perspectives & express compassion and empathy

self management: 92%

Ability to make choices, take positive

risks, & persist through life's challenges

academic self-efficacy: 86%

Motivation & confidence in academic performance

Social capital: 83%

Positive bonds with people who can provide advice & access to resources to succeed

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Students Demonstrated growth in:

6 sel


5 sel


4 sel


3 sel


what parents are saying


what Students are saying

This program is transformational. It takes youth who have a desire to do well and be happy and provides them with the skills, abilities, and vision to excel and exceed their own expectations.

Parent 2018

There is an immediate improvement in attitude and self awareness. This is the only program that has given my child the tools required to take an in depth look at himself with unconditional support and free from judgement.

Parent 2018

[He] has incorporated so much of Enjoy Life into his approach to friends, family, his goals, his personal discipline. What he picked up at the Academy did not dissipate as we drove away...

Parent 2017

A program that fosters optimism, confidence and courage, and accountability in young people. Teaches them to use their role as leaders for good.

Parent 2017

The Leadership Academy has made me a much better person. It taught me so many life skills that help me better myself and the people around me. It’s a place where you are always accepted and encouraged by everyone no matter who you are and that is what makes it so special.

Student 2018

The academy is a source of relentless optimism and positivity that inspires and allows you to be your truest and best self.

Student 2018

“I think I believed that I would learn some helpful tips about happiness, confidence, and the works. What I didn't know nor expect was what a combination of an outstanding teacher, powerful atmosphere, and hordes of amazing people did to confidence, happiness, and life as a whole.

Student 2017

It completely changed my life.

Student 2016

what students are saying