Enjoy Life Education Inc.

We are an SEL-driven Nonprofit committed to empower teens and athletes with the tools and positive community to be the best version of themselves and thrive as resilient, confident, vision-driven leaders.

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Our Story

We teach, we inspire, we empower


Our Team

Award-winning teachers, entrepreneurs, researchers,

coaches, and ultramarathoners changing the way students

lead their lives.

Evren Gunduz

CEO & Co-Founder

Tom Coburn

COO & Co-Founder

Tara Gunduz

Leadership Academy Co-Founder

Meredith Saeger

Leadership Academy Co-Founder

Caitlyn Wilson

Director of Innovation & Development


Our advisory board consists of qualified professionals and parents who are passionate about the educational development and empowerment of teens.

Robyn Glaser

Advisory Board Chair

George Stewart

EF Education First Advisor

Patricia Sinacole

Advisory Board Member

Dana Plunkett

Advisory Board Member

2019 Academy


Each of our Enjoy Life Associates, Teachers, Interns, and Fellows are trained graduates of the Academy.

Reilly Kopp

Enjoy Life Associate

Lexi Levine

Enjoy Life Associate

Allison Onofrio

Enjoy Life Associate

Eliza Carroll

Enjoy Life Associate

Mike Spector

Enjoy Life Teacher