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Life Changing Educational experiences

Our Leadership Academy and Leadership Continuum experiences give teens the invaluable tools and skills to be empowering leaders to themselves and others. We set teens up for a lifetime of success, confidence, and joy.


Leadership Academy

6 day, 5 night residential experience where teens live on a college campus during the summer. Leadership Academy is the most life-changing experience for high school teens worldwide and exists here in Massachusetts. It's a must do program for teens in which they transform their confidence, courage, leadership skills, and sets them apart in their ability to succeed in life.

Leadership Continuum

The residential Leadership Academy experience during the summer changes your life. The virtual Leadership Continuum experience during the school year makes sure the change becomes permanent. Leadership Continuum is our full school year of digital leadership & mindset education content. It includes 1 virtual workshop per month with Evren and weekly motivational prompts and interactions sent directly to your phone.

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