Our Story

Award winning Teachers, entrepreneurs, researchers, Coaches, and ultramarathoners

changing the way students lead their lives.

We teach

teens to be confident, resilient, & mindful leaders of their lives and the lives of others.

we inspire

teens to lead high-achieving lives focused on growth, purpose, and happiness.

we empower

teens to become the best

version of themselves.


Our Team

Evren Gunduz

CEO & Co-Founder

Tom Coburn

COO & Co-Founder

Tara Gunduz

Leadership Academy Co-Founder

Meredith Saeger

Leadership Academy Co-founder

Caitlyn Wilson

Director of Innovation & Development


ELE Inc.

We are are an organization committed to empowering leadership in teens and athletes. We equip our students with the tools and positive community to be the best version of themselves and perform as resilient, confident, and vision-driven leaders.

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