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Welcome to our referral Gear store

Our Enjoy Life Education members live a certain way. Getting out of their comfort zone is their norm and growth is their daily goal. We are positive and lead by example. Wearing Enjoy Life Education is putting something on that is powerful because you are powerful. It also means that you are an ambassador for us because the only way to get this gear is by referring a friend to join Leadership Academy.

Refer a friend, get Gear

Enjoy Life gear is not for sale. You earn it by changing someone's life by getting them to register for Leadership Academy.

It is "out of stock" to purchase but all of it is available to those who refer a friend.

The most impactful experience a high school teen can have is our summer Leadership Academy. Our goal is to set more teens up for success in life. The most powerful way for a teen to learn about Leadership Academy is through a teen or parent telling another teen or parent about it. 

Step 1: Go recruit a friend, teammate, or peer to register for Leadership Academy

Step 2: Have them put down YOUR FULL NAME in the registration question: "How did you hear about Leadership Academy?"

Step 3: We will send you the order form to pick out the free gear you want from below! 

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