Leadership Academy curators of culture, consumers of advanced curriculum, and masters of leading themselves.



Fellows are our most advanced students and the equivalent to a CIT (Counselor In Training). They bridge the gap between receiving the experience as a student and giving the experience as a staff member. Paired with expert staff members to learn the methods, skills, and mindsets needed to lead others, they also get the opportunity to help First & Second Year Students navigate their Leadership Academy experience.

Fellows receive specialized, advanced leadership curriculum in custom Fellow workshops. This experience is the pinnacle of Leadership Academy and is invaluable for teens who are about to head off to college or embarking on a career! 

Leadership Certified

All Fellows receive a Leadership Certification from Enjoy Life Education, Inc. that represents their strength and dedication to leadership. This certificate is great on a resume and gives the Fellow the confidence to crush whatever they do in life! Being a Fellow is also a prerequisite to being eligible to apply for Staff jobs at Leadership Academy.

Fellows say that being a Fellow is the greatest experience they had at Leadership Academy. Whether it's organizing a team-building activity, helping a First Year in need, or engaged in a custom learning workshop our Enjoy Life Fellows are truly the ELFs who create the Leadership Academy magic.


Tracks to becoming a Fellow

Summer 9th-10th grade.png

"I thought Leadership Academy was awesome as a student. Being a Fellow was even better because now I got to learn how to GIVE a life-changing experience to the new students."  -2021 Fellow 


  • Completed Leadership Academy twice OR,
  • Completed Leadership Academy once and have graduated from High School by the start of Leadership Academy.

The Fellow Experience

  • Arrive early to Leadership Academy
  • Receive advanced leadership training classes.
  • Organize team-building for First & Second Year Students.
  • Build Leadership Academy's positive culture.
  • Learn the art of creating high performing team environments.
  • Shadow staff members in their specialty roles.



Includes: room & board, meals, shirts, supplies, insurance, individualized leadership coaching, dedicated Fellow Staff.

If you need financial assistance, please reach out! We will never have finances get in the way of a positively life-changing experience for a young person.



Application & Registration

We ask that Fellows complete a simple application before registering. This ensures that the Fellow is ready to take on this advanced experience! Once we receive the application, we will send you the registration link.

Application Question: 

  • Using a maximum of 200 words or 2 minutes of video, explain why you want to become a Fellow. 

Application submission: