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Students require the self-confidence and Self-awareness to develop a positive identity, the compassion and communication skills to build positive relationships, and the motivation and resilience to take on and persist through life’s challenges.

97% of principals believe that integrating SEL into their school's teaching curriculum would positively impact student success.


35% of schools

have developed an SEL teaching plan.

25% report that it is fully integrated into their curriculum.

More than 50% 

of students believe that their schools are doing a poor job in helping them develop SEL skills.

what is sel?

According to the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), it is the process through which we apply the skills and attitudes necessary to manage and understand our emotions, set and achieve goals, show empathy, make decisions, and maintain positive relationships with others.

what are the benefits?

Social emotional learning

According to CASEL, researched SEL initiatives have demonstrated immediate and long-term effects on the growth and well-being of students. Students who experience a strong SEL influence in their schools often:

  • Perform better academically

  • Demonstrate better classroom behavior (& have fewer conduct issues)

  • Can better manage stress

  • Demonstrate more positive social attitudes and behaviors (including teamwork & empathy)

  • Have less emotional distress

  • Experience a more positive learning environment & social climate

  • Feel more prepared for life

The solution

Instead of relying on the K-12 school system to integrate the necessary SEL curriculum to benefit the well-being of our students, Enjoy Life Education’s Leadership Academy directly provides teens with the tools to lead a happy and successful life.

ELE Inc.

We are are an organization committed to empowering leadership in teens and athletes. We equip our students with the tools and positive community to be the best version of themselves and perform as resilient, confident, and vision-driven leaders.

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